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 What is testing and tagging?
  • The Procedure for the safety checking of electrical appliances. Any electrical appliance that plugs into a 240v outlet, including power boards, extension leads and safety switches
 What does it involve?
  • A visual inspection of the appliance to ensure that it is in good physical condition and there are no signs of damage.
  • An electrical test is conducted on the appliance with a Portable Appliance Tester to check for any unseen faults
  • Once the appliance has been tested and the condition of the appliance is determined, a record is made of the test outcome and who performed the test
 What about if we already have a Safety Switch installed - I thought that protected us?
  • Not entirely. A "Safety Switch" only protects against certain types of electrical faults.
  • It is recommended that all homes and workplaces be fitted with RCD's (Residual Current Devices), however, the use of an RCD, whilst a good move, doesn't alleviate the fact that you should still have regular inspections and tests of your electrical appliances
 Should we have our Safety Switch tested regularly?
  • Yes - your RCD's need to be tested regularly to ensure they respond to faults quickly enough
 Are you insured?
  • Yes - we are required to have current Public and Product Liability insurance for $20,000,000
  • We provide Certificates of Currency on request
 What about damage to our equipment - can testing damage it?
  • No. Our Technicians are well trained and use the latest equipment to carry out the tests
 What is the Australian Standard for electrical appliances?
  • Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760:2003 is the relevant standard for the safety inspection and testing of electrical appliances
 Are there any special requirements for serviced or repaired electrical equipment?
  • Any electrical equipment that has been serviced or repaired which could have effected electrical safety must be inspected, tested and tagged in accordance with the requirements of the standard AS/NZS 3760:2003 prior to the equipment being placed back into use
 When can I contact you?
  • Monday to Friday 7.30am - 4.00pm
  • However, we are aware that the impact to your business if your tools and appliances are out of action could be difficult, and will make every effort to ensure you are least inconvenienced

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